Hunting Information by Let's Go Hunting

Hunting Information by Let's Go Hunting

PH’s and Guides

Let’s Go Hunting Safaris PH’s and trackers are all qualified in their field and know the ins and outs about Hunting the African bush, even the most difficult of conditions won’t put a stop to them.  Their judgment and calls on animals and shot placement aren’t to be doubted for one second. Their biggest goal is to let you take the most beautiful and mature animals available back home with you. Giving you the most memorable Hunt of your life and having a hell lot of fun while doing it.

Suggested Rifles and Ammunition

  • A minimum caliber of .243 , 5x57 and bigger are required for small game : impala, warthog, blesbuck, jackal etc.
  • Hartebeest, Kudu, Wildebeest, Zebra, Waterbuck and giraffe: 270WM , 270WSM , 308win , 30-06 springfield , 300win , 300WSM and .375 H&H
  • Dangerous game require a minimum caliber of .375H&H

Bringing good quality ammunition is very important!! Rather spend a little more money on good ammunition than wound your dream trophy animal. Brands like Hornady, Barnes , Nosler and Federal has already proven themselves in the African bush and bagged a lot of animals. Also bring a minimum of 40 rounds as for your rifle needs to be sighted in on arrival, just to make sure you rifle did not sight out on the long flight.

Customs and Immigration

Customs and Immigration Passport Requirements

All visitors to South Africa are required to carry a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the intended length of stay. There should be sufficient blank pages (a minimum of 2) for entry stamps upon arrival. Visas are not required for citizens from USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain. Visitors can stay for a maximum of 90 days. You may be requested to show a return ticket.

Importing Hunting Firearms and Personal Items

You are entitled to import into South Africa a personal allowance of 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 9 ounces of pipe tobacco, 2 liters of wine, 1 liter of alcohol, other gifts up to a value of R500 and any amount of foreign currency as long as you declare amounts over $20,000 to customs upon arrival.

Sporting firearms may be readily imported into South Africa. You may bring up to 3 firearms per hunter (however most airlines limit you to 2) and 200 rounds of ammo per firearm but again airline regulations allow only 5 kgs or 11 lbs of ammo per passenger. The average weight of factory loaded ammo boxes of 20 shells per box runs from 1 lb 4 ounces to 2 lbs.

Hunting Firearms Required Customs Form

Prior to the day of your flight you will need to take a trip down to the local Customs Office (usually located at all international airports) and get a Form 4457 (Certificate of Registration of Personal Effects Taken Abroad). These Custom Offices are normally open 9 - 5, Monday - Friday, but it would be best to call before you go to ensure that there will be somebody available to assist you. When you go take the guns that you will be taking to Africa with you. This is a very easy procedure. They will sign a customs form that includes the manufacturer, model and serial number of each firearm. The reason for this form is to show the US Customs people when you return to the USA that you owned the guns prior to your departure and that you are bringing back the same guns that you took out of the country. Be sure to have that form available on your return. Since the United States does not require your sporting rifles to be registered you must have this form to show the South African police. This will suffice as proof of ownership for the required SAP Form 520 that will be discussed below.

Temporary Hunting Firearm Import Procedures in South Africa

Upon arrival in South Africa you must have filled out a SAP Form 520 (click HERE for the form) for the South African Police in order for a temporary firearm import permit to be issued to you. A step-by step guide for you to follow upon arrival in Johannesburg is included below:

  1. Sign for your firearms in the area just to the right of where you walk into the baggage claim area (see picture above). After collecting your luggage you will then proceed through the Green Corridor (line) area of customs, you will declare your rifle at the South African Police Office.
  2. Depart the customs area straight ahead and proceed out to the general meeting area (see 6th & 7th picture above). The rest of the above pictures show the route to the SAPS office.
  3. Enter this office with all of the paperwork that is required and tell them that you are going to be hunting and you need to claim your firearms and obtain a temporary firearm import permit.
  4. You need to show proof that the rifle belongs to you. The U.S. customs registration Form 4457 you obtained prior to departure can be used for this. Completion of Form SAP 520 will then take place. This form details your address, rifle make, type and serial numbers as well as the amount of ammunition imported.

They will then issue you a Temporary Import Permit. You must retain a signed copy of this permit and it must be in your possession while you are hunting.

You will need to present your Temporary Import Permit on your departure from South Africa. There is no charge for doing any of this, although we have heard of visitors who were asked to pay. If you ask for a receipt for this charge you will probably be told, "The receipt book is full, so this time there is no charge".

Let's Go Hunting Safaris provides all of the necessary forms required for obtaining your temporary firearms permit. Anyone can go through this procedure on their own upon arrival in South Africa and there is no cost for doing this. Some people may be uncomfortable in doing this on their own and there are some companies that are available for assistance in obtaining your permit. There is a charge for their services and if you decide to use them, allow plenty of time before your safari in order to send them the necessary paperwork that they require.

Further information is available from the central firearm registry, South Africa Police Services; telephone number 27-12-3536057, fax number 27-12-3536041. All firearms brought into the country must be taken out with the visitor when they depart. It is illegal to leave any firearm behind.