Macnab Hunting with Let's Go Hunting

Macnabs Hunting with Let's go Hunting

This is a very unique and exciting event. What is a Macnab? Shoot an antelope catch a fish and shoot a game bird all in 8 hours! It originated from a Scottish poacher John Macnab.

This has become very popular in South Africa and we are one of the few that offers this once in a lifetime event.

This is an excellent opportunity to book exclusive a corporate event or a big group of friends. We usually do up to 5 Macnabs per year between May and August.

If you would like to book one for a corporate event or a group of friends please contact us with your specifications so we can work out a quotation.

Our Macnabs are a lot of fun and with this in mind we usually don’t have any strict rules. There however will be certain rules to follow but our main focus is for everybody to complete the event.

Game to shoot

  • Blesbuck
  • Springbuck
  • Black Wildebeest
  • Any other species available

Birds to shoot

  • Guineafowl
  • Spurwing Goose
  • Huge variety of duck
  • As long as the birds are in flight, it will count

Fish Options

  • Trout
  • Yellow Fish
  • Tiger Fish
  • Black bass



Each Macnab will have at least 3 prizes biggest fish caught and also biggest bird and antelope shot! Each one will also receive a certificate for completing the event.

What to expect

A whole week end full of hunting, fishing excellent food comfortable accommodation and making new friends around the camp fire!


As there is different antelope to be shot as well as the group size will differ no set cost can be given. Please contact us for quotations or alternatively see below if there is any already available.

Available Macnab Hunts

Piet Retief Macnab




Vaal River Macnab