Hunting Dangerous Game with Let's Go Hunting

Hunting Dangerous Game with Let's Go Hunting

We offer excellent Dangerous Game hunting packages for the local hunter. You will be able to take Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodiles and much more!

Simply see below what is currently available or alternately contact us with your specific request. A lot of our Dangerous Game are not listed on the site due to safety & other reasons. We can assist you in all Dangerous game

Dangerous Game at Komatiepoort

Description Price Skinning Fee
Buffalo 34" - 36" R 85 000 R 300
Buffalo Cow R 30 000 R 300
Kudu Cow R  4 500 R 200
Impala R  1 500 R 150
Bushbuck R  8 000 R 150
Warthog R  1 500 R 150
Game Guard Fee   R 200 per day
Walk-in Fridge   R 150 per day after hunt


Accommodation at the Boskamp

Selfcatering Unit

Fee per person per night R 700
Day fee per person R 100
Sleeps 6 people
Facilities Mattresses
  Gas Fridge
Electricity None
Lights can be connected to a car battery
Please provice Pots & Pans