The Hunting Games with Let's Go Hunting

Let's Go Hunting presents first ever Hunting Games


Hold on to your seat because this is going to blow your mind! Let's Go Hunting presents
the first Hunting Games in THE WORLD!


What is the Hunting Games?

Because we love all forms of hunting and off course some fishing and the outdoors, we’ve combined all the favourite hunting & fishing activities in to 1 fun action-packed trip.

What will we do?

Wing shooting numerous species
Plains game hunting 1 specie
Bush pig hunting with hounds
Fishing 3 species, Tiger fish, Bass or Trout and Salt water fishing.
Varmint hunting, Jackal, Caracal, Porcupine

The schedule

It’s going to be a 4-day event on 3 different farms:

  • Day 1 – Busch Pig hunting form early to mid day. Blesbuck hunting later that afternoon.
  • Day 2 – Wing shooting, Bass fishing,
  • Day 3 – Tiger Fishing
  • Day 4 – Chartered Salt water fishing @ Kosi Bay (in the lakes)
  • 1 x night drive for Varmints.


R12 500 - This includes:

  • 1 Blesbuck
  • 1 Day chartered fishing at Kosi Bay (in the lakes)
  • 1 Day chartered Tiger fishing
  • 1 Day Bass or Trout fishing
  • Bush pig hunting with hounds, what you shoot, you keep
  • 4 nights’ accommodation
  • Guides, ph, cleaning, trackers,
  • 1 days meals
  • Prizes for the participants who completed the games


How many can take part?

We want to keep the groups small so the quality will be high. This being said, we are looking for groups of 5. Special arrangements must be made for less or more than 5.

How does the scoring work?

For the antelope hunting you will be scored for total horn/tusk length.
For example: Blesbuck 15 inches, Bush pig 3 inches Total: 18.

For the fishing you will be scored 1 point per fish.
Example 1 Tiger fish=1 point, 3 Bass=3 points, 1 Kingfish =1 point Total:5

For the wing shooting you will be scored 1 point per bird.
Example 2 Pheasants=2 points, 1 Guinea fowl=1 point, 1 Duck=1 point Total:4

For example your total points will then be 27.


1. You must have a photo of everything you’ve shot or caught.
2. You must have a photo of the weight or measures of everything you’ve shot or caught.
3. Everything must be done in the time provided.

4.The Hunting Games will run for exactly 1 year at a time. Every contestant can take part as much as possible.


Everyone after the event will then be placed on a leader board.


Pieter 30

Dean 27

Jaco 23

And so the list will go on….After every event each contender will then be listed according to his points! After 1 year the leader will be announced, and receive a huge prize in the region of R10 000 of value!

What to Expect

Good accommodation, excellent food, professional service & big prizes. And of course outdoors overload like you have never had it before! Fishing, hunting, campfires and make memories with new friends.


What will happen in the final?
We will see…

Expect it to be
Bigger, better and tougher
than the first HUNTING GAMES!


Available Dates

2-6 Aug
23-27 Aug

The Hunting Games Wingshooting


The Hunting Games Bush Pig Hunting


The Hunting Games Fishing


The Hunting Games Varmint Hunting